Ensuring Your Comfort & Safety

Want to dive into the details on how we prep the vehicles? We’re proud to deliver the cleanest RVs out there for every trip – so read on!  Further questions? Don’t hesitate to call or email.

Deep-Clean Gear

Following each trip, we remove everything possible from the vehicle. This allows us to inspect and clean everything with professional equipment, and provide better access for interior cleaning.

Kitchen contents are cleaned with soap in a dishwasher at a high-heat setting. This includes pots, pans, lids, mixing bowls, colanders, spatulas, tongs, can openers, wine openers, coffee filters, cutting boards, kitchen knives, plates, bowls, silverware, steak knives, and other supplied items.

Sheets, blankets, kitchen towels, cleaning cloths, and bath towels are laundered of course.  Mattresses and pillows remain encased at all times in water-proof coverings to ensure the new linens stay clean.   

Deep-Clean Surfaces

After the contents have been removed, the vehicle interior is turned over – literally! Mattresses, cushions, and covers are removed and flipped over.  This allows us to clean those items with soap and water. It also provides access to clean beneath them, and inside the nooks and crannies that typically would be missed.

Starting at the top of the interior and working down, surfaces are vacuumed and washed. This includes spaces big (tabletops, countertops, the floor) and small (shelves, inside cabinets, behind fixtures). Appliances such as the refrigerator, microwave, and stovetop are disassembled as necessary and cleaned inside and out. 


As the last step of our cleaning contact surfaces such as tables, counters, handles, control panels, latches, and other touch-points are sanitized using a CDC-recommended disinfectant identified on EPA List N “Disinfectants for Coronavirus COVID-19”.  

Before and after our deep-cleaning, vehicle ventilation fans are used to exhaust the air from the RV and replace it with fresh air from outside. This exchange of air evacuates any residual from prior occupants out of the vehicle.  

Staff Protocols

We meet or exceed all WA and CDC guidance for workplace safety. Our full staff has elected to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and are all fully-vaccinated!  In addition, we elect to still use masks while working directly with customers or in confined spaces.  We’ve also modified our cleaning and handoff processes to minimize the time spent in close proximity to teammates and customers.