Refer Friends and Save

1. Tell Your Friends Today

Spread the word about Boundless RV!  Make sure they get the details on how to apply this discount Рthe button above helps you draft an email 

2. They Book with a $50 Discount

At checkout they’ll want to plug in “ShareTheLove” for the Discount Code, and your full name for the Referral Code

3. Claim Your Bounty

You’ll receive an additional $50 credit off your next trip for each new customer!

The Fine Print

There are NO BLACKOUT DATES for the ShareTheLove Discount or the $50 Referral Credits!  However the ability to use the Discount or earn additional Referral Credits will expire at a date in the future, so DON’T DELAY on sharing this offer or placing reservations.  Referral credits are granted to existing customers following a confirmed reservation from a new-to-us customer who uses the discount code and referral code described above. Once Referral Credits are granted they DO NOT EXPIRE and CAN BE COMBINED WITH OTHER OFFERS such as other promotions or discounts.  More referrals generate more credits – NO CAP ON YOUR EARNINGS!  Contact [email protected] with any questions.